Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we publish and answer the most common questions we receive from exhibitors and candidates. Send us your question, if you don’t find your answer yet. Thanks..

General Questions

What is a SpaceJobFair?

A SpaceJobFair is our one-three day flagship event. As with every job fair, the goal is to give candidates access to internship and job opportunities, and to get insights from recruiters and professionals. The SpaceJobFair is open to the public, which means there are no requirements other than to be registered. 

How is a SpaceJobFair program set up?

The program is a mix of workshops, trainings, company introductions, panels and networking opportunities. As we accommodate exhibitors ideas, we introduce new topics to the agenda as they seem to create additional value. However, each SpaceJobFair is slightly different. 

Who is it for?

The SpaceJobFair is intended to be a place for everybody interested in a career in the Space industry. Our goal is to create more awareness about opportunities and showcase candidate success stories to inspire future generations.

Who do you work with?

Companies like HE Space, Sobriety, ESA BIC Prague, RHEA Group, Inmarsat, Airbus, OHB Czechspace, satsearch, and IBM among others supported and attended our events in the past. 

How did you have the idea to create SpaceJobFair?

It started at the International Space University with the intention to bring job opportunities to students.

Are there other events like yours?

There are companies and agencies organising similar events. But SpaceJobFair is the first and only independent event with an exclusive focus on career and leadership development for the Space industry. To date, all combined events exposed more than 5.500 students, graduates, and professionals to space job offers and company profiles.

Are you hosting online events?

Yes definitely. We provide preparation workshops, trainings, and company presentations online. We also live stream some of our SpaceJobFairs. This, however, will not give you the same feeling as attending the events directly. The real power of SpaceJobFairs is to get immersed and talk to truly amazing people.

What is the best way to prepare for the event?

Get your documents (resume, cover letters, references) updated and bind them together. Understand what do you want and which companies / job positions you are looking for. Think about what you can add to a company and how you can support them building better products. Check out our preparation workshops and additional workshops here Consider getting a haircut, the first impression still counts.

What is Space Career Center?

Space Career Center is the main business above Space Job Fair. All projects are owned by B. Weiss, the

About Our Services

Event Organisation

We organise events like SpaceJobFair and Space Career Day, connecting Space companies and startups to interdisciplinary candidates. 


Our team delivers career related workshops in resume writing, story telling, body language to best prepare candidates for job applications.


Our group or 1-on-1 trainings help candidates with mock interviews, presentation skills. 

Career Advise for Non-Space Candidates

Our professional and experienced advisers are ready to support non-space candidates and professionals to prepare a transition into the space industry. SpaceJobFair is a part of the Space Career and Leadership Development Center, providing everything to launch a career and thrive in the space industry. 

Leadership Trainings

The leadership trainings are a great opportunity for candidates interested in a leadership role. Goal setting, accountability, team building and management are some of the topics. 

Space Network Contacts

We can help with introductions to many space players. 

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