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SpaceJobFair is the event department of Space Career and Leadership Development Center, find more information here: This privacy policy is valid for SpaceJobFair, Space Career Center, and Asnxion; or any other case directly related to one of the companies or projects. 

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We strongly support data protection and your privacy is from utmost importance to us. All data we collect, store, and process, including your personal data, are soley for the purpose of identifying, contacting, or getting into any form of collaboration with visitors, potential candidates, companies; in the end you and/or your organisation. 

We do not sell your data and only work with companies following the GDPR. We do not provide third parties access to our data for reasons other than related to our services and products. Explicitly mentioned at this point is providing access to profile data of candidates for hiring companies. Currently, we work with Google (GSuite) and with HubSpot (CRM). Each company and service provider we are working with, follows the GDPR. We do not analyse your data for marketing purposes other than directly related to our services and/or if needed to deliver our services and products.

Any cookies or external scripts included in our website are mandatory to deliver our services. Please follow this how-to to delete any cookie after your visit, in case you want to: (external Link, not related to SpaceJobFair!)

To delete your personal data, please send us a short email and we will follow up with information.

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Space Job Fair project is currently operating on a not-for-profit basis. 

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