About Space Job Fair

Space Job Fair launched with the mission to connect Space companies and the best graduates and professionals, throughout disciplines and experience levels. The goal is to become the driving force in capacity building and job creation in Space.

We partner with top education institutes like International Space University, to provide recruiters direct access and a unique experience to meet and interview candidates. Our intercultural and interdisciplinary approach attracts and inspires excellent candidates of all backgrounds. Additional space career workshops prepare them to launch a space career.

Space Job Fair is currently operating on a not-for-profit, volunteer and sponsorship basis.


Advancements in all technology areas keep increasing the demand for exceptional interdisciplinary and intercultural trained talent. With more NewSpace startups entering the already very competitive global recruiting field the development of new strategies to attract, inspire, and support candidates are inevitable.

Space Job Fair main objective is to give aerospace companies and NewSpace startups a new way to promote their career opportunities and to attract the best graduates and workforce. With providing direct access to the best graduates and professionals, exhibitors have a key advantage.

The Space Job Fair model is highly adaptable for individual organisational needs and follows the »Attract – Inspire – Support« approach, matching company needs and candidate skills in a unique and unparalleled way. Space Job Fair creates and delivers value in for companies in all stages:

  • Capacity Building Workshops and trainings for companies and startups
  • Presentations Companies, success stories, and openings
  • Panels Best practice and trends in recruiting and talent development
  • Job Creation and Funding Project funding, internship grants, collaborations
  • Candidate Preparation Interview training, resume writing

Who should exhibit

  • Space Academia
    Master students, PhD, Post-docs
  • Space Companies
    Internships, Employment, and Contracts
  • Space Entrepreneurs / NewSpace Startups
    Co-Founder, Interns, Open-source, Employment, Contracts

Why exhibit

  • Proven Concept -> On-site tables at top universities
  • Effective -> Invite pre-vetted candidates for interviews
  • Targeted -> Direct access to candidates in all experience levels
  • Efficient -> Virtual presentations and interviews are possible
  • Multi-/Interdisciplinary -> Candidates in non-space disciplines
  • All Experience Levels -> Students, graduates, and professionals
  • Cross-Industry -> Professionals with special domain knowledge
  • Immersive -> Organise workshops and trainings
  • Capacity Building -> Learn about industry hiring best practice
  • Real -> Real candidates, real companies, real opportunities

Format of the event

University hosted, multi-day event with company presentations, candidate presentations, on-site interviews, and elective capacity building workshops for companies and candidates:

Day 1: Company presentations and candidate presentations

Day 1: Evening event and reception to meet and greet

Day 2: Interview day. Preparation workshops for candidates

Additional Capacity Building Workshops on both days

  • Candidate Elective Workshops
    • Resumé writing
    • Understanding interview questions
    • Storytelling
    • Body language
    • Interview trainings
  • Best Practice Workshops
    • From Intern to Employee
    • Retaining the best talent
    • Working Permits and Visa Regulations

Presentations may be public accessible via live streaming, registration needed.

Space Job Fair Team

Bernd Weiss (left)

CEO - Event Organiser


Tiago Marques (right)

Space Career Hub Prague