Why I Launched Space Job Fair

Hi, I am Bernd, the Founder of Space Job Fair. My amazing journey began in 2010 when I had the chance to visit CERN. Back then, I had no idea about the Space industry and the awesome projects. I just had this feeling, that I want to be a part of it. Fast-forward to now, I still have this powerful feeling. Together with many friends we are talking about great ideas, startups with products to benefit generations to come, and how to support more people getting a foot into a space job.

The problem we identified is the visibility of internships and entry-level jobs opportunities.

This is why I founded the Space Job Fair, where I want to enable everybody to launch a career in space-related companies. I work day and night to get more companies to participate and to present their openings, to get more universities involved, and to help companies at every stage to find the best possible candidates.

The Space Job Fair grew in less than 1 year from a virtual only event to a full university hosted job fair. With having a hybrid career event, where companies can promote their openings and candidates can present themselves, we created a unique experience to get value for everyone participating. Hybrid means, it is hosted by a university and all presentations are streamed online and a participation is possible from everywhere (internet access required). Our modular and hybrid approach enables us to deliver an easy yet powerful sourcing solution and give universities the chance to bring more international openings to their students.

I want to thank all our current and future sponsors and university partners. Together we will enable everybody to launch a career in space.

Thank you for reading,


“Space Job Fair is the missing link between Space companies and interdisciplinary talent, facilitating career opportunities and workshops to further advance NewSpace startups and the Space Industry.“

Bernd Weiss, Founder.