1 Czech SpaceJobFair

Welcome to the Event page for the 1. Czech SpaceJobFair.

Important details upfront:

Date: November 14th, 2018
Location: Brno, details follow.
Times: 9:30-5pm, followed by the “Space Career Networking Reception by Airbus”

Registration for candidates: https://spacejobfair.com/candidate-registration/
Candidate support: talent@spacejobfair.com

Exhibitor Information: https://spacejobfair.com/exhibitor-info/ (external link HubSpot)
Pre-Registration for companies:
Company support: events@spacejobfair.com

Sponsorship Information: https://spacejobfair.com/sponsor/

Draft Agenda: https://spacejobfair.com/agenda/ (external link Google Drive)

9:15-9:30 Registration
9:30 -9:45 Opening Address
9:45-17h Company Presentation, Workshops, Networking
17-19h Space Career Networking Reception by Airbus

Past Exhibitors: 

Confirmed companies:


Confirmed Workshops:

Resume writing
Interview Training
Resume Checks

Company Workshops and Trainings

Top Industry Professionals and Insiders share their knowledge and best practices with participating companies in following areas:

  • From Intern to Employee
  • Hiring Do’s and Don’ts
  • Retaining the best talent
  • Work permits and Visa regulations
  • Presentations for Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Open Source as a Alternative
  • Talent Development and Training

Candidate Workshops and Trainings

Together with Space HR Professionals we organise following workshops and trainings for candidates:

  • Resumé writing
  • Writing project descriptions
  • Understanding interview questions
  • Storytelling
  • Body language
  • Interview trainings and Assessment Center